day 2 in the blog world

I’m still figuring out how blogging works. About me is a short exposed start on a page. 

Today is Friday, and tradition on a Friday night is pizza and movies. At home. Pizza: not ordered, home made; not fancy, simple. When I know how to link, I will link to a recipe and food section. I am called… needed in the kitchen. Ends day two.



4 thoughts on “day 2 in the blog world

  1. No, not yet….or just no:-). At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to add a booklist on the sidebar while waiting for freshly baked rusks to cool down before I can pop them back in the oven to dry out…it’s only 11.15 pm…

  2. teenagers wanted to watch “I am Legend” – their second time around… i was not really impressed but enjoyed the slouch on the couch. Have booked “Atonement” for next Friday night – hope that will be better:-)

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