From Olives to Values

Have you ever thought about your values? In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl speaks of three central values – as a way to discover meaning – in life, i.e. that which happens to us, that which we bring into existence, e.g. doing a deed, and our response in difficult circumstances. Mortimer Adler, speaks of values as things that ” are good and necessary for all men whether they consciously desire them or not.”

I have some questions today (for myself actually). 

1) From the list below which values are most important to you?   

comfort    freedom    adventure    equality    competition    discipline    beauty & art    friendship    security    independence    harmony    loyalty    knowledge    success   respect    God    happiness    balance in life    health    work    money    leadership    service    marriage & family    personal growth    spiritual life    inspiration    prestige     wisdom    power    excitement    love     teamwork   recognition 

2) Can you name any books / films / songs that influenced your value system? What values did they portray?  

3) Were there (or is there) any people in your life influencing you, teaching you about values?  

4) Can you think of any experiences in your life that influenced you and your value system?



One thought on “From Olives to Values

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