Two-word meme tags along

From Magistra Mater– loving life – loving learning – note the patterned two words, a meme:

1. Where is your cell phone?  phone it 
2.  Where is your significant other? Lorka, Spain
3.  Your hair? aerobicised mess
4.  Your mother? 68yo beauty
5.  Your father? surfing www
6.  Your favorite thing? husband masseur
7.  Your dream last night? short night
8.  Your favorite drink? glass wine
9.  Your dream/goal? playing cello
10. The room you’re in? cold study
11.  Your hobby? munching musings
12.  Your fear? no fear
13.  Where you want to be in 6 years? wiser, non-wider
14.  Where were you last night? alone, awake
15.  What you’re not? perfect mother
16.  Muffins? rather scones
17.  One of your wish list items? overseas holiday
18.  Where you grew up? Eastern Cape
19.  The last thing you did? sprain hipmuscle 20.  What are you wearing? sweaty sweatpants

21.  Your TV? big oldie

22.  Your pets? goldfish, labrador
23.  Your computer? dear husband’s
24.  Your life? blessed gift
25.  Your mood? no mood

26.  Missing someone? humorist hubby

27.  Your car? son learner-driver
28.  Something you’re not wearing? lost (wedding)ring
29.  Favorite store?  cheese deli’s
30.  Your summer?  firmer body?
31.  Like someone?  too many
32.  Your favorite color? twilight too                                                                                                    33.  When is the last time you laughed? sprained hipmuscle
34.  Last time you cried? sprained hipmuscle

Whatever you do:  link, blog, comment, enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Two-word meme tags along

  1. to all the “commentators” – thanks for saying hallo — I’m so new at blogging that the only thing I can comfortably do – is type; until I figured out the rest, I’ll have to be patient with myself…. that’s why there are no photos, images, bookpictures… etc.
    thank you for your interest – I’ll soon start leaving “comments” on your blogs too:-)

  2. Hello! I came over via Carol’s site too. Welcome to the world of blogging. I am new at it too, but it’s a great outlet for my reading/writing habit. I’m just now learning how to limit myself though. The computer can easily take up too much time (as I’m sure you know!) We make home-made pizza and watch a movie every Friday night too . =)

  3. i hope so too, Dana…. i started with aerobic classes a few months ago… and all went well last night, UNTIL the group decide to do some line dances after the session. For some odd reason i did a funny step/jump, and felt a snap…and for those of you who know how hard it is to start exercising after a long time of drought, a very long time of drought, i do not need this break now:-)… a well….

  4. driving with mom —it’s definitely not driving with miss daisy, more mrs thorn rose….

    carol, do you still have your cello?

  5. Interesting…

    I *used* to play the cello; I’d love to be able to take it up again, but it would be starting from the beginning.

    Can you post your scone recipe sometime? I like to make scones for special breakfasts. They seem best warm from the oven.

    Cheese deli — yum yum.

    Thanks for playing along!

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