Monday musings – maybe?

i’m trying to plan my blogging:

monday – musings?

tuesday –

wednesday –

thursday –

friday – fine art? fashion? the latter might be a bit of a challenge – i would have been a great wandering jew – a robe & a pair of sandals would make me endlessly happy

What are your thoughts? should one blog “planfully” or does that take the fun away?

listed Monday musings then:

  • freedom (at last) for my 1819yo son! his sister took him for a milkshake; or rather he took her: he passed his drivers’ test today! we’re all in seventh heaven:-)… it was his third effort…
  • my dear husband returned from Europe – lots of chocolate (for the kids) & perfume (for me); he also bought a pocket-sized digital camera…. now all I need to learn is how to insert photos & images while blogging…. the heading of my blog was a first attempt: it is a photo of the driveways’ wall – one side facing the swimming pool
  • i’m a tutor for two boys – brothers, and tomorrow i must help the parents decide about the boys’ future education…bleak at the moment for homeschoolers…bleak in general…i’ll try to change this bleak muse into a bright one, maybe tomorrow 
  • and yes! the olives are bottled – i really enjoyed the experience, so much so that i’ve bought another box of olives (i shared them with a friend, though) – these are in the first stage of curing & pickling: soaking in water for three weeks, replacing the water twice daily
  • next to the bottles of olives the marmelade is showing off (the latter happened on Saturday); i am an Italian cooking fan – some years ago i bought the book Dear Francesca – one of my favorite companions in the kitchen – the marmelade recipe from this friend is delectable

have a thoughtful day



2 thoughts on “Monday musings – maybe?

  1. thank you Jean! i really enjoy your blogs’ “peacefulness & simplicity” – I get a similar feeling when I read “magistra maters’ ” blog… kindred spirits maybe:-)

  2. I’m so glad you left a comment on my blog today! 🙂

    I remember walking through olive groves when I was in Spain, and it was there I learned that the black olives were the ripe olives. That was many years ago.

    I think it would be wonderful to buy them fresh, but I can’t imagine where I would have to go to find anyone who sold them around here!

    I rarely visit the blog world, but I’ve added you to my Bloglines, so when I do, I’ll be back to visit.

    🙂 Jean

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