To be or not to be

Subtitled: To sew or not to sew

To sew, or not to sew, that is the Question:
Whether ’tis Nobler in the body to suffer
The pins and pricks of forgotten needles,
Or to take Armes against a cupboard of empty hangers,
And by opposing end the bank account: to debt, to money
No more; and by a cut of scissor, to say we end
The emptiness, and the thousand Naturall shockes
When Flesh looks in the mirror?

My apologies to Shakespeare.

Have you ever felt an urge – more than an urge – a need –  to do something that you know you’re not good in doing? I do, when I want to sew. Yes, I do want to sew, regularly. I don’t know why. Yet again, I’m unpicking a pair of pants, actually two pairs: cut from a newspaper pattern, not the right size, and with a low-rise waistband with side zipper. I forgot  to add – no instructions. The zipper end up on the wrong side. I can wear the pants, except it’s too big (the one aspect I didn’t consider, ’cause I’m neither a size 10 nor a size 12). But I’ll unpick and start again.

How about you?


4 thoughts on “To be or not to be

  1. yes, yes, yes!!!! once wayback – pre-kids too – I belonged to such a group -but the cross-stitching unraveled some needs and we decided to do Bible study together (when we were all so so young in the Word and thought we know so so much)…. maybe a *quilting* group now can be a humble experience… let me now when you’re going to start.

  2. Heh, heh…sew/sow, sow/show.

    I just remembered: the bathing suit was *reversible*!! I think it ended up fitting just fine, which would be in the realm of miraculous. I was also at the stage of adolescence where being different from everyone else was so painful. I didn’t know (and still don’t!) anyone, ANYONE, who sewed their own bathing suit!

    In another life (pre-kids and early kids) I did a lot of cross-stitching. I have patterns and thread and material, but I haven’t been inspired to keep up with it. A quilt, however, sounds more rewarding right now.

    A book just recommended about homesteading is really about quilting, I believe. I looked it up on Amazon and it looked very intriguing. I love the idea of relaxing with other women, and yet having productive hands making quilts together. There’s something very right about all that.

  3. Carol, how did you manage the bathing suit?!
    i sew, but i’m not a seamstress; i sew(sow) in the hope that i will reap; i sew because i have friends who really are seamstresses – and they inspire me – however, their inspiration is my ex(as)piration. I love the *idea* of quilting, cross-stitching – i have a few unfinished pieces to s(h)ow.

  4. This is really great!

    Sewing is a sore spot with me. My step-mother forced me to sew all my clothes (even a bathing suit!) and I erected a monument of stubbornness against any sewing. All I wanted to do was buy clothes from the store.

    When I met my mother-in-law and discovered that she didn’t sew, I could have knelt down and kissed her feet!

    It wasn’t until I really needed maternity clothes that I borrowed a machine and sewed up several outfits. My daughter-in-law gave me her old machine and I have done more repairing than sewing.

    I should have known that you sew: all my friends do! One friend had a thriving business making bridal gowns.

    Do you quilt? I love the *idea* of quilting…

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