Valued values

A picture of myself: 

  • who am I 
  • where am I going to
  • what are my values
  • what is my passion
  • what is my metaphor
  • what are my gifts
  • where can I be of service in the body of Christ

Questions from a course I attend.

Tonight – the last evening of the course – I have to draw a picture of my life: my past, my present and my future; my relationships, my work, my finances, my passions and my pleasure. I am not allowed to use any words, only images, symbols and numbers, and

i can’t draw –   

I remembered a paragraph from How the Heather Looks – the book that awakened a hunger for children’s literature

i never read.

Joan Bodger shared a glimpse of Joanna Field’s thoughts from A Life of One’s Own in which Miss Field wrote how she drew a map of her life – to show in pictures what she felt had been the most important things in it – and how, through this experiment, she realised that it’s not the facts about the world that children need to know, but the facts about themselves, and it is only through imaginative symbols of fantasy that they can at first find and then express their knowledge of themselves.  

In an unusual way pieces of my life spiral to meet in concert (?)


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