Salusa 45

The name of a multi-vitamin way back; when I was so small I could barely see the box on my dad’s desk in his study. I remembered I wondered about the 45 – that it either had to do with the number of tablets in the box or that it was meant for people 45 years and older; in either case it wasn’t for children. And I remember looking at my dad and trying to place myself in his shoes, thinking what it will be like when I’m 45, but it was too big a number, and I couldn’t make a picture…but I remember walking in his footsteps…imitating some aspects of him.  

Today I’m 45. Yesterday I turned 45.

What happened?

Drawing “yesterday’s picture” might not be such a bad idea after all.

A birthday gift from my two young adults: a blank canvas and an unfilled leather-bound journal; they labelled the gift “something inspirational.”

I read from The Mystery of Providence this morning:  

…Labour to get as full and thorough a recognition as you are able of the providences of God concerning you from first to last… Let your meditation be as intensively full as may be. Do not let your thoughts swim like feathers upon the surface of the waters, but sink like lead to the bottom…

Life continues to spiral upwards…will I do something?










One thought on “Salusa 45

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I know the “how did we get here?” feeling! I so distinctly remember when my oldest brother turned 40 (I was 29) and how completely ancient it seemed to me. I have survived turning 50 unscathed this year!

    I love leather-bound journals; I capture quotes in them.

    Blessings on you 46th year!



    PS – I’m so glad we’ve “met”!

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