There is nothing better than being wise, knowing how to interpret the meaning of life. Wisdom puts light in the eyes, and gives gentleness to words and manners (Ecclesiastes 8:1).


The fruit of my tree 

most of the times

so far to walk to

so difficult to climb

then to green to pick

What does gentleness say to you?

Do you know gentle people? What makes them gentle?

This is one understanding of being gentle. 

G — Gracious and good

E — Engaging, willing to listen

N — Nice to others, regardless of who they are

T — Taking the time to move at another’s pace

L — Loving

E — Endearing by acts of kindness and goodwill

Clothe yourselves with gentleness.

What does your acronym spell?

What will you wear today?




2 thoughts on “Gentleness

  1. I regard(ed) the “restraint” as negative… but to see it in a positive light – a wait – a pause – a minute intervention minute of gentleness…. opens up a new ball game. I like your analogy:-) I play tabletennis/ ping pong, and the slam(ming) opportunity is so inviting!

  2. I think there is a sense of restraint in gentleness. It’s like a ping pong game, where a perfect set up for a slam is given and the player hits it normally.

    My oldest son has always been wonderful around children. He treats them with respect, kindness, and, yes, gentleness. Because he is so tall and big little toddlers look at him with big eyes. But they adore him, I think, because he is accessible to them.

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