Need: Room with a View


No, I don’t have this view presently. I’m facing a computer screen situated in the coldest part of the house.  The view is from the Tradouw’s Pass in the Klein Karoo  – a pass constructed between 1869 and 1873 by masterbuilder Thomas Bain. Tradouw is a Khoisan word for “the women’s path.”

Now, I need breakfast, or is it want? I’ll make rooibos tea – already had 2 cups of coffee – and enjoy it with rye bread: just to spoil the healthy breakfast I’ll top the rye with butter and Dutch cheese.  



2 thoughts on “Need: Room with a View

  1. I love views, and I would love to live in such an area (we have a dream that one day…)
    No, I don’t know about the books….sigh… another book that you recommend? My dear husband enjoyed Guns of August – its writing, the narrative – now it’s awaiting my turn. Thank you for writing about it (and Wendell Berry:-) It’s great to enjoy books that other people recommend … more than often it happens the other way around.

  2. What a beautiful view! The land doesn’t look that different from the land near my house in Eastern Oregon.

    I have been trying to drink green tea for the antioxidants. I think I will switch to rooibos. When I think of red bush tea I always think of Mma Romatswe (of the No. 1 Ladie’s Detective Agency). Have you read those books?

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