To sew or not to sew – an update

or rather a serial. This time please read “sewing tips needed.”

I am making curtains. How many rooms, you ask? One room only, I answer. ‘Tis not so bad, you answer. The room has four windows, big windows – I answer with a soft please help me voice.

I bought 35 m (roundabout 38 yd) crushed velvet. I like its plainness, its texture, and its otherness. And this otherness carries a not so easy to work with price. I’ll have to baste all the seams by hand before I do the sewing – with an ordinary machine. Albeit, I’m looking forward to it! 

I welcome all tips.


2 thoughts on “To sew or not to sew – an update

  1. 😦
    but, i have a friend (she lives an hours’ drive away) that help(ed) me – she was the pattern instructor; thus, no i don’t have a pattern; i am staying home staying busy sewing hems; my goal is that they must be up and hanging by the end of next week.

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