Relaxing? with Sudoko

A logic game, so they say.

Confession time, so I say.

I follow no X-wing, jellyfish, Gordoninan polygons, turbot fish or other strange-sounding techniques (I read of the latter in the Introduction of the puzzle book). I just play or (try to) solve the puzzles. I only play in one place in the house. My son said even there I can’t sit still. 

S – scribbling selfish score

U – upset unit undone

D – deranged digits deleted

O – obsessed or once (enough)

K- kill! destroy!

O – obsolete? 


Do you play Sudoko? What do you think about Sudoko as a logic game?



4 thoughts on “Relaxing? with Sudoko

  1. I received an “obsessivity” check when I reached the last couple of pages (of my book) – excitedly (smugly) – just to see that my daughter has completed the last puzzles by working her way back to front – I did react…and I did thereafter received the check:-)

  2. I can be obsessive about Sudoku. If there is a book of Sudoku in the house, I can’t stay away from it. I love variations of Sudoku and varying levels of difficulty. But I can lose too much time feeding my obsession.

    When we first discovered Sudoku, it was winter time. My husband would come home from work, we’d eat dinner with our son; after clean up we’d sit at the table and we’d all print out the same Sudoku and work on it. That was a lot of fun…

    So, like Poiema, I sometimes work a puzzle that is in the paper. I also work Sudoku on the computer every once in a while. I really enjoy paper and pencil over screens. (for Sudoku)

  3. We have a sudoko puzzle in the newspaper, which I sometimes work in the evening just to relax. I didn’t even know about all those fancy strategies! I attribute my love of Sudoko to my husband. By nature I am a word lover & would be drawn to crossword puzzles. But he loves numbers, and after 31 years of being together, I guess it has rubbed off on me!

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