The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

No, I’m not talking about C S Lewis’ great allegory, but about traveling through my wardrobe… maybe I should’ve chosen another title, but if you know my history with clothes, then you’ll accept my apologies for using Lewis’ title… and I promise, I’ll only focus on the wardrobe part of the title and not be involved in any other metaphorical explanations… not that it is necessary – the state of my wardrobe is enough as it is… 

Wardrobe, clothes, apparel….

I wouldn’t mind wearing an uniform everyday, like wearing my apron (which I do when I’m at home).  But unfortunately I have to go out and work – only for half a day – which means I have to dress – and dressing to me is like dressing a wound – I don’t particularly like it. I would have enjoyed being an Israelite in the desert: one set of clothes and shoes lasting a long long time….I would’ve wanted to enter the Promised Land though, but not for luxury reasons… or am I fooling somebody here?

In my home language we have a saying we adapt as we please – depending on how we feel and what we mean – which is, die vere maak die voël  (the feathers make the bird) or die vere maak nie die voël nie (the feathers do not make the bird). The state of my wardrobe forces me to acknowledges both interpretations. This ol’ bird is in dire straits, in dire need of new feathers… she’s past the state of comfort – it’s not a state of mind anymore. It’s an emergency state.

I know it all: basic wardrobe planning, dress for success, color me beautiful – you name it, I’ve read the book or studied the know-how; but to go out and just do it! I’m not a Nike fan yet…

What do you ladies do when it’s time for clothes shopping? Do you enjoy doing it? Do you go with a friend? Do you buy regularly? Do you budget? Do you buy according a list or according a whim?

Die vere maak die voël…. die vere maak nie die voël nie …. die vere maak die voël…. die vere maak nie die voël nie….die vere…


4 thoughts on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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  2. Carol, thank you for the compliment! Alas, my verbal abilities do not leave much for the imagination… i’m working on those…

    Dana, it was your Fashion(able) Friday that convinced me to get (the issue) out of my closet…. if you follow my drift:-)

  3. I, too, have to dress for work; and so, I have more clothes (and different) clothes than if I stayed at home full time. However, even when I did, I paid attention to fashion. It takes me about 2 years to get used to the new trends, which means that I can buy at discount stores 🙂

    Lately, I’ve had fun on my blog on Fridays, when I highlight something fashionable. Sometimes it’s something found deep in the recesses of my closet and other times it’s new. One other fortunate thing for me is that I can wear my mother’s hand-me-downs and that always adds a charge to my outfits.

  4. I’m not a huge shopper. In fact, there are many menial jobs I prefer to shopping for clothes. Cleaning the toilet, for one. I like thrift stores where I can get excited about getting a good deal.

    “dressing to me is like dressing a wound.” I would never in the world – NEVER – guess that English is not your first language. That phrase is brilliant! Perfection!

    I don’t have a plan. I just realized that it is *past* time for me to purchase some new undergarments (I will NOT buy those at a thrift store). I don’t pay attention to clothes very much. On me or on others.

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