Blog Blank or Blank Blog?


Last week I determined to start a Worldless Wordless Wednesday (try typing wordless!); however, Wednesday came and left me sightless and speechless or is it writingless? I think I’m experiencing writer’s blog block.

Who started with this blog thing? How did you meet your favorite blogger? What attracted you to the blog? What invites you to enter strangers’ blogdoors almost daily?

from – the lion and the lady in a lonely spot


4 thoughts on “Blog Blank or Blank Blog?

  1. Dana, thank you for posting! I was bogged down with family visiting thus unable to blog. Yes, it’s amazing how we can “undress” ourselves in front of others:-)…. a topic for another day. I’ll visit Cindy at Dom Fam, thanks.

  2. Hi Sonya!
    Better late, than never. At any rate, I started reading blogs first, then commenting on others, and finally starting my own. I think in March 2003. My motive was purely selfish – to learn how to use the computer better and to keep up with my college-aged daughters.

    I read lots of theological blogs initially and returned frequently to Carmon at Buried Treasure. Then I connected with Donna at Quiet Life, where I also met Carol, Magistramater, which is where I *met* you 🙂

    I experience writers block mainly when I’m trying to write about unfamiliar subjects and when I am tired. Frequently I will struggle to write a post in the evenings, whereas if I wait until the early morning, I find that the words come more easily.

    The answer to what invites me to enter strangers’ blogdoors remains a mystery because I am sure that I would never approach someone in a coffee shop like this; and I have extreme jitters over meeting a blogger in real life.

    Looking forward to getting to know you in 2009, I am your blogger-friend in Georgia USA,


    PS My most enjoyable blogging experience to date has been to read and blog along with Cindy at Dominion Family. We’re starting Ken Myers’ book on culture on Wednesday. Stop by, if you get a chance.

  3. Hi there-
    I think part of the reason I started blogging is that I enjoy books. The pleasure of a book is doubled if you can discuss it with a kindred spirit. Online I have found many fellow book lovers who have similar interests and tastes. I suppose I could join a book club and get similar results, but I can’t attend a book club at 11:00 p.m. in my jammies!

    Also, I like to write. Even though I have only a handful of people who actually read my blog, I feel that having a small audience brings me to a higher level in my writing. The feedback is fun, too!

    By the way, the picture above is very unique. Is this in your yard?

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