December happenings

November allowed time for blogging. December did not. Yesterday’s news belong to yesteryear. But, I don’t like gaps. So herewith a few photos to share some December happenings – wordless Wednesday almost! (in due time i will learn how to make a collage of photos – i hope)

preparing for Christmas – kitchen duty – washing dishes – eating – a different kind of wreath – christmas lunch – continue to recycle – planting dianthus in the garden









2 thoughts on “December happenings

  1. Ooooh….pink and burgundy on the long table make a lovely combination. I use those colors a lot in decorating, too. Thanks for giving us a peek of your Christmas doings!

  2. Love the views of your kitchen, as I am most at home in that room 🙂 Also, your Christmas table setting is lovely; again – something I like to do 🙂

    Glad to see you back blogging…. drop in at Cindy’s sometime. We’re discussing pop culture and I’m sure you have some interesting insights.

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