Expiry date

Somebody once said that ladies glow, men perspire, and servants (or is it horses?) sweat. When I work hard, I sweat. When I exercise my face change to the colour of tomatoes, and I sweat – not a glimpse of a glow. Glowing, perspiring, sweating – all imply activity, energy – effervescence? Alas, this post is neither of biological nor scientific nature. This post is about human nature.    

Thomas Edison (eish, this is really not a scientific post) define genius as one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Now, whether we want to play around with the percentages we can’t have the one without the other – or can we? Now, let me go back to human nature – more specifically my (ever-frowning:-) human nature: I am 99% inspired to learn to play the cello or to continue practice piano, paint, study art & nature, read lofty books, plant a gloriously, bountiful vegetable garden, create scrumptiuos dishes, sew long-flowing body-hugging, I mean body covering, dresses…ad infinitum  or is it ad nauseum?. Yet, something hinders me. I have not yet expired; I’m just encountering low perspiration levels. Have you had this feeling? What keeps us doing what we’re doing or what inspire us to change that which we’re not doing thinking that we ought to do something more inspiring? Does the idea of glowing, perspiring, sweating inspire us or does an expiry date (g)loom from the idea of inspiration? The afore-mentioned scientist wisely proclaimed that great ideas originate in the muscles.

How strong are your muscles today or rather how active was your muscles today?

I think I need a good kick in the butt.

I hear The Phantom of the Opera’s music in the background – I’ll go and sit and enjoy (and pick up the knitting needles – last year’s needles (or is it the previous year?) – maybe I’ll just enjoy the music and drink some tea.


2 thoughts on “Expiry date

  1. Now these are some interesting thoughts. When I was younger, I thought the creative “mood” had to strike me before I would throw myself into a project. Then I was in for sweating because I would try to make up for all the idle days and cover myself in case the mood didn’t return again for a while.

    From my present vantage point, I think it much better to devote a little time daily to my projects whether I feel inspired or not. It’s more of a habit than anything.

    Another thing that has helped is to make it a priority to do ONE thing every day that I don’t want to do. It feels good to get that monkey off my back!

    Having said that– I, too, need the occasional kick in the (ahem!) derriere. We are all human, after all!

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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