Hobbies and Passions

In Afrikaans the word hobby is translated as stokperdjie. The direct translation of the word stokperdjie is hobbyhorse (stok = wooden stick; perdjie = small horse). I gather it is derived from the idiom that states – to ride a hobby, to ride a hobbyhorse.  A hobby is then something people enjoy doing frequently in their spare time. Today, in many languages, the original meaning of the word passiō –  Christ’s sufferings on the cross – made way for an explication challenging people to find their passion in life.  I find Locke’s statement appealing:  A body at rest affords us no idea of any active power to move, and, when set in motion, it is rather a passion than an action in it. 

I am challenged. I am teaching Afrikaans to a lady who speaks fluent Czech, Polish, Russian, German, Italian, French, and English. I felt small, very small (language wise) experiencing her excitement about the presence and position of umlauts and diaereses. It is going to be an interesting learning experience for me; definitely not a gentle exercise for intellectual debility. Upon parting I asked (had to ask) if learning languages is her passion. She simply replied no –  that it’s only a hobby. Needless to say, I had to ask about her passion; to which she simply replied – cooking, hours and hours of cooking, every day. A note: she runs her own business.

Hobbies? Passions? What are your hobbies? What is your passion? 

I think I’m going to climb on my hobbelperd, a.k.a. stokperdjie, a.k.a. hobbyhorse, and play outside. It’s simple and easy – a gentle exercise. 

I forgot something. In the real world it’s past midnight and raining. I’ll rather get into bed.


One thought on “Hobbies and Passions

  1. Fascinating word studies! You have a wonderful challenge ahead of you in teaching language to this woman.

    As for hobbies and passions, I would classify reading and gardening as mere hobbies, while teaching and promoting Biblical literacy would fall into the category of a passion. I am glad to know the difference between the two now that you’ve informed me.

    Best wishes in your teaching endeavor!

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