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Audiobooks – what a great way of re-living best of childhood years – listening to stories told by somebody else. And what a gift it is to be able to hear! A gift I came to appreciate more and more the last few years as my hearing ability became less. 

Winter evenings – when it’s too cold to have an arm outside the blankets to hold a book, when I struggle to fall asleep, when I’m still hungry for words, when my eyes strain to read letters – then a soothing voice becomes an anchor, a quiet drift to dreamland.  Listening while exercising – a tug of war between the wires, where to put the extra ear phone, tugging on the wire around my neck (where did it come from?) is an art I still need to master.

I’ve just finished listening to Kathleen Norris’ s Mother, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I fell asleep watching the movie edition of the latter book, and decided to catch-up reading the book; which was, not surprisingly, a totally different experience. I did not fall asleep during the listening though. Next on my listening list is Anthony Trollope’s The Warden.  

What are your criteria for choosing audio books? What do you normally do while listening? What are you currently listening? Where do you find your favorite audio books?


3 thoughts on “Listening time

  1. Our library has a huge selection of audio books, which I mainly use when our family has a long car trip. Over the years, I have especially enjoyed the books narrated by John McDonough–Heidi, the Mitford series, etc.

    I’ve downloaded a few books into my iPod, but like Dana, I still prefer to read a REAL book. I’m thankful that I have options to suit the need.

    And it’s funny, but given the choice my children prefer my voice reading aloud over an audiobook. That’s flattering, because I don’t have the skill that a professional narrator does! Perhaps it’s the difference between a home cooked meal and a restaurant meal? The home cooked just adds love 🙂

  2. Audiobooks are something I use mainly on long car trips. And this year I’ve listed to four with the chance for four more. None have been Trollope’s whose Warden was the first book I downloaded in MP3 format. I listened to it while walking for exercise, although it really wasnt helpful in establishing a brisk pace.

    Carol introduced me to Trollope and I noticed she’s reading one Rachel Ray at the moment. It retails for $75 unless I buy it in Kindle formating. But I’m not sure I ready for e-books. DH reads that way, but I still cherish the look and feel of a real volume.

    So, normally I am driving while listening. I usually choose some sort of mystery. I will admit to listening to sermons, old and new as well. Ordinarily I borrow audio books from the library. Sermons are from a variety of sources. As far as purchasing online, I am skeptical because I get a little frustrated when I have to download, unzip, burn, and what not ….

    PS I fell asleep watching the Benjamin Button movie, too.

  3. >>What are your criteria for choosing audio books? What do you normally do while listening? What are you currently listening? Where do you find your favorite audio books?<<

    I usually get audio books from the library, and I simply checkout whichever book suits my fancy. Many times they are books that I have simply not had time to read–like Moby Dick. Most often, I listen to them in the car when I am alone; this is a new experience since I've not gone most anywhere alone for many years! But the kids do grow up and eventually we have time by ourselves again. 🙂

    I've had a lot of time this summer to catch "snatches" of book reading time, so I'm not doing any audio books right now–audio books are the means for me to get some book time when reading time is non-existent. I've been listening to talk shows or music when traveling.

    🙂 Jean

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