Are we living with wrong questions?

New years eve message confronted me with the following questions:

What do you have to stop doing? What do you have to start doing? What do you have to do less? What do you have to do more?

Day 1: Stop comparing, start relaxing, focus less on myself, focus more on others.

Day 2: Stop criticising, start creating, worry less, smile more.

I decided to continue asking these questions – as often as necessary.

Every year January meets me halfway through the month. In the beginning of every new year I lose myself in the not yet done, forgotten, succeeded, past – still wanting to change the latter, planning about changing the morrow, while loosing foothold in the present. Then halfway through the second week I realise that reality can or cannot be what it used to be. I have to live the life given freely to me. Moment by moment – moving closer to life more meaningful.

Last year I decided to start a vegetable garden – from seed scratch. To learn patience. I hope to say it worked. I now not only have seed trays on a potting bench, but a built vegetable garden, a worm factory, a working compost heap filled with the most beautiful compost, and yes, many weeds. It took a year to get this far. And I look back feeling pleased.  And I look forward to new growth. 

This year I will start a new type of gardening. I look forward to share it with you.


One thought on “Are we living with wrong questions?

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