Wallow: bask, delight, enjoy, taking pleasure

At present – except that life in a kitchen is always present time – I am wallowing in cookbooks and books about cooks:  The Art of Simple Food, Alice Waters, My Life in France, Julia Child, Prickly Pears & Pomegranates, le Roux & Palmer, A Farm in My Heart, Emilia le Roux. Reading about the authors, enjoying the zest for their passion, taking pleasure in the present and preparing new dishes – just do it for me. Other members of my group go for facials, manicures & pedicures. I am in the kitchen: barefoot, apparelled with apron, and a jammerlappie close at hand. 

Do you know this dish?

It’s called Onion Panade (from The Art of Simple Food, Alice Waters). It is a thick soup made of layers of bread, onion, cheese & stock, and believe it or not – baked in the oven! The panade I made came out very dark. It was to be expected: if one uses rye bread and the recipe calls for country-style bread… I am working on not being a “substitution queen” in the kitchen.

And, yes: can you guess what a jammerlappie is?


One thought on “Wallow: bask, delight, enjoy, taking pleasure

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