A Year in the World: Andalucia

Frances Mayes’ Journeys of a Passionate Traveller might take longer to read than I anticipated. Traversing a couple of paces down chapter one’s lane forced me to an early pit stop. The writing invited me to take a scenery route while reading: browse through Janson’s A History of Art, read literature and poetry, cook dishes, and listen to music. Why not? Why the hurry to finish a book?

Well, I’m still in chapter one: visiting Andalucia in Spain. I’ve dusted Janson and feasted my eyes on the paintings of Velazquez and Zurbaran. I’ve cooked a Spanish stew – Cocido Madrileno. I’ve read some of Federico Garcia Lorca’s poems – his poetry inspired the music of Leonard Cohen (Cohen named his daughter Lorca).

Ditty of First Desire

In the green morning

I wanted to be a heart.

A heart.

And in the ripe evening

I wanted to be a nightingale.

A nightingale.


turn orange-colored.


turn the color of love.)

In the vivid morning

I wanted to be myself.

A heart.

And at the evening’s end

I wanted to be my voice.

A nightingale.


turn orange-colored.


turn the color of love.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Next stop, on route to Portugal, will be whiled away making tapas… now I have to find good recipes… any ideas?


One thought on “A Year in the World: Andalucia

  1. I love this painting. Because the artist painted it by looking through a mirror (he, himself, is in the painting), looking at it through a mirror gives it greater depth. If you go to El Prado Museum, you will see folks looking at it with small pocket mirrors!

    I have a rag rug–my cousin made it for me. Yours looks wonderful! Maybe someday I will try making one, too.


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