Soul food

For a winter evening, a Sunday…  


If you feel lost when all about you seem settled

If you trust but doubts cloud life’s painting into stillness – tired of waiting, wanting,

Believing lies – about you, about nothingness – don’t deal in them

Invite the Way, the Truth, the Life


When dreams despairingly fill and master nights

When thoughts daydream life into a blurred emptiness

Bear to hear the spoken truth – untwisted by Him

To set you free


If loss crosses your path, if loneliness swallows time

Dare to give more, lose more 

If you can think of love and risk it on one other like you

Give way to receive – joy, peace, belonging


A Body broken, a Life in peace

Unchained a life in pieces, worn-out, lost – emptied of itself

Burning to share, to give, to live 

Love as it crosses life 



If you read and survived all this (and recognised a vague resemblance to Mr. Kipling), yours is the following soul food – melkkos –  recipe:

Heat 4 cups of milk to boiling point (add a cinnamon stick and some salt to taste). While keeping an eye on the milk, rub 3 tablespoons of  butter into a cup of flour until it resembles bread crumbs. Remove the cinnamon stick from the milk, and beat (whisk) the flour mixture into the milk. It will make lumps  – but it mustn’t be too lumpy – keep on stirring. Cook the mixture for a further 5-8 minutes (you can do this on a lower heat) while stirring (you don’t want to eat an uncooked lumpy flour mixture). Serve hot with cinnamon sugar, and feel your soul returning to its former lofty heights!


your thought is a gift

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