A Year in the World: Portugal

What is your association with Portugal? It is sad to say (but the truth) that my first thought was: “the Portuguese with his cornershop.” A bare thought or barely a thought, I admit. 

Frances Mayes takes the reader through some places in Portugal, allowing the reader to feel, hear, see, taste, and sense – mystery, music that rips out of the heart, a child weaving, the prato do dia – a longing for Portugal, the necessity of traveling. 

The Food of Spain and Portugal (a gift from a friend) awaits patiently its turn in our kitchen. Pasteis de Nata, originally known as Pasteis de Belem, is a favourite in our house.

 Bill Granger has a great recipe for these little custard tarts, or rather Pasteis de Nata. I wrote the recipe down watching one of his food shows, but here and here are two recipes. I hope you enjoy making them and eating them! Let me know!


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