Exercise or Exorcise?

This post is not about religion or politics. It’s about vowels. Actually, it’s not about vowels either. It’s about asking you about your favourite exercise routine. In thinking about the word exercise, the word exorcise jumped from somewhere … the dictionary warns the reader: this word might be confused with the other…  and then the brain started connecting dots – like the game I played when I was little. Well, I’m only putting down dots today; you are welcome to complete the picture.   

Needless to say, that at the end of an exercise routine, it might look as if I went through an exorcise routine. A friend confirmed it. She is still my friend. I changed my exercise routine.  

My only question for this post: what is your favourite exercise routine?

Oh, before I forget, my favourite is Pilates.


One thought on “Exercise or Exorcise?

  1. I do stretches, strength builders, weights, and jogging on a trampoline–a routine made up from all the numerous books and materials on exercise that I have used in the past. I hate doing them, but I can tell as soon as I quit that the old body doesn’t appreciate it!

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