A Year in the World: from Crete to Home

Book reviews are not my strong point. If someone out there can give me a 5-pointer step-by-step how- to I will be forever thankful.  Too vivid the memories of forced book reviews in high school. Condensed Reader’s Digest books came to the rescue of an English second language student… aaghhh…then I used the book jacket’s cover summary and replaced all the big words with synonyms (other big words I barely understood).

Well, this post is the final post about Frances Mayes’ A Year in the World. A book in which the voice in my head became Frances’ : her thoughts, feelings, and so(me) many times her unspoken words. Her chapter about the Island of Crete was a summary of a recent holiday we had in Crete: staying close to Chania, the timelessness of Rethmynos, women in black sitting in doorways, memorials to the dead alongside the roads, driving on the wrong side of a narrow road, the decible levels of Greek cicadas, and St Paul’s lazy Cretans…memories…

 and then…

her last chapter The Riddle of Home…

the real answer is home, the real answer is beauty…home where everything connects…you go out, far out, and when you return, you have the power to transform your life. Roads always lead to Rome/home…when I finish my travels, I will solve the riddle of home; when I finish my travels, I will know the answer…then I will…

 for old-fashioned me: home is where the heart is…


One thought on “A Year in the World: from Crete to Home

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