Far more seemly were it for thee to have thy study full of books, than thy purse full of money


Once said by John Lyly, a 16th century English writer; presently said by a parent with two students studying far from home.

The latter is not what this post is about. The former is seemly more appropriate. A clean study, bookshelves tidy and dust-free, arranged in a haphazard alphabetical order: all the A’s , B’s C’s with Emile Zola waiting patiently at the end. Then you find a visitor in front of the shelf, book in the one hand, coffee cup in the other, and you know the book is going to end somewhere else on the shelf, but you don’t mind because you’re just too glad that is has been found worthy to look at. You know the reading will happen, and when you look for the book and found out that it is on another shelf in a far away place, you know the reading has happened. Then you put the title (again) on your list of books to buy.


your thought is a gift

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