Alas, not my head, but the wheels on a stationary bike…

I’d never thought I would write about this activity – what to say about doing this activity. But, a month ago I joined a group of (sweaty) bodies in a (music thundering loud) spinning class, listening to an (either shouting or whistle-blowing) instructor, and following the instructions: like a sheep to the slaughterhouse. 

I went back for the second week.

And the third.

And the fourth.

I was hooked.

But the first class was the worst. There I was –  seated – with long wide fluttering pants about my ankles – watching my shoelaces to not get caught in the pedal mathingies. There I was – instructed to break away, i.e. to lift your rear end from the saddle and paddle, or is it pedal?  I could not lift it. Gravity played a game with me and won every single time – I was at (my) rear’s end. 

The stationary bike has a red button. In case of an emergency. To stop the wheels spinning. I used it in week 3: my shoelaces and wide pants got caught in the pedal mathingies. It was frightful – feeling one of your legs getting shorter and shorter and you don’t know why. Until you look down and realise … the red button … and you’re still trying to hold your pose amongst the pro’s.

I became hooked. 

I’m not wearing spinning attire, yet; but my pants are shorter and my (new) shoelaces tucked away – and I can lift my rear end.


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