40 Days of Lent

‘Get ashes on our heads to remember, with great relief, that we are dust.

The source of all sorrow is illusions, that of ourselves we are anything but dust.’

~ Thomas Merton, The Sign of Jonas

I am new to the life of a conscious entering into the season of Lent: a place of calling, of receiving His Word that I am His beloved; consciously creating times for solitude, opportunities for sacrifice; getting to know my true self and my false self; battling in the wilderness, facing temptations; experiencing the visible and the invisible, all the while seeing my place in creation.

Last week a friend confronted me with this statement: There will never be a time that you will not be – with the follow-up remark: I hope that you’re engaged in some long-term planning!

For Lent 2011 I decide to put solitude time aside at noon, and to give up a regular afternoon habit of idling around – of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.

This is day 6 of my Lent journey.

What does your journey look like? 


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