parallel thoughts in a web universe


continue to amaze me – the theory of quantum physics boggles my mind.

Often it happens that I read another person’s thoughts (blogging words) to discover that I could have written the thoughts at that exact moment.  How great it is when another person write my thoughts even better!

At the exact time I told myself that I – need to, want to, have to, must improve my sewing skills, I read this statement. Those close to me know that I dislike clothes-shopping. I dislike paying exorbitant prices for clothes (obvious because of the latter sentence), and if you haven’t read the linked-statement, now is the time.

Well, I’m not going to hung myself by my own tongue, pen that is… but I am going to focus on improving the afore-mentioned skills. And yes, I have started – a warm-up exercise: sewing napkins.


your thought is a gift

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