“refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot…..only in that order”

“…you’re heavy now…you won’t rise up for a while…our whole business here is to lighten, and when you’re wholly weightless, you’ll move to the next level…”

I’ve been wanting – a wanting that turned into a reluctant waiting and postponing – to write about some long-time ago embarked-upon endeavors. The above lines from A Gracious Plenty lifted (identified?) a heaviness that was keeping me down – it’s called the goya-syndrome (goya is an acronym).

But identifying and lifting this heaviness is more than just the kick-start of the acronym. It’s about living a simple life. About being.

“…if you want to know real enlightenment, you’ve got to lose the weight…all of it…and we’re not just talking about blubber here…we’re talking about burdens…”

I stumbled upon a website that helped me identify some of the blubber in my day-to-day living. Practical advice I could follow. I did not realise that my life carried so much weight (waste). I was looking forward to the waste-loss program.

…thoughts to be continued in follow-up posts…


your thought is a gift

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