refuse, reduce, REUSE…

buzz words – yes, and no

though, the well-known quote

 your beliefs become your thoughts,

your thoughts become your words,

your words become your actions,

your actions become your habits,

your habits become your values,

your values become your destiny

can help us on this journey.

Am I always prepared and willingly ready to travel this road on minimizing our waste at home? No, it’s a continuous effort – a struggle against the easiness of using the weekly pick it up system – a constant reminder that I’m swimming upstream. And, yes, it does take time and effort to do things differently… tissues, paper serviette, and paper towels are all easy items to use – one must have a good reason to swap these items for reusable ones. As a starter, saving money was a good enough reason for me.


it is such a simple activity to use items or parts of discarded items again. I know that most of us reuse household items on a daily basis without even thinking about it. My challenge was and still is to think and talk about it – words ready to become actions, habits, and values in a privileged life.

A quick look through the house revealed the following elements of reusing – and this is only a smattering of what’s possible. Browse through The Zero Waste Home and Down to Earth for information and inspiration.

As we say in my home language

die een man se dood is die ander een se brood…


your thought is a gift

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