Mosterd na die maal…

…literally translates as mustard after the meal. The expression means to come up with a solution too late…almost a reflection of my eleventh hour blog posts …

I am a science teacher by profession – by profession only: I was a disaster in the lab.  Many a singed eyebrow, over(ly) charged Van de Graaff generators, a classroom filled with strange gases portrayed many classes – to the delight of the students: I had to send them out so that I could clean up my mess. Today the kitchen is my lab – and my family the poor students…and I continue to clean up my mess.

But, today’s post is not about failed experiments. It’s about successful kitchen endeavors that complement some of the previous posts on zero waste: Making your own mustard.


To not re-invent the wheel, I’ll link the two recipes I’ve been using. I’d say that the recipe from Zero Waste Home (scroll down the page) is milder than the one made by David Lebovitz. We enjoy both, and the recipes aren’t messy to make either – an added bonus!

Please share some of your favorite mustard recipes.


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