don’t judge a book by its cover

Muesli and I have a long-time relationship…it started when I met my husband : A muesli-filled container on a shelf in a small kitchen. A friend waiting for its owner to disappear down the corridor.  Her hand opening the container….gobbling up morsels of muesli … she did confess –  some time later.


I loved “budgie seeds” – as we use to call muesli or any healthy foodstuffs – way back in the eighties. I still love muesli. Home made muesli. Many recipes I’ve experimented with are quite similar. But, again and again,  the tried-and-true recipes of Bill Granger and Gordon Ramsay await me. Delish!


A dash of cinnamon, a few glugs of maple syrup – I have to include Jude Blereau’s recipe. Then do not forget, the original muesli recipe – Bircher’s muesli. I’ll leave this investigation up to you.

Is muesli one of your favorites too?


your thought is a gift

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