ten random things

A conversation started at knitsofacto – a place I often visit:

I started a ‘ten random things’ cascade! My ten random things post inspired others to post ten random things, and those posts begat other posts which begat other posts, and so it goes on. If you join(ed) the fun…Would you play along?

To honor this blog’s reputation I asked myself – what ten random things would be worthy thoughts to treasure?

But, things are not always thoughts – or were they at some point in their existence?


I’ve picked some thoughts Annie (from knitsofacto) shared in one of her conversations – thoughts written by Jack Kerouac – and I hope that they’ll help me change random things into worthy thoughts (but then – do thoughts always have to be worthy?)

... Write what you want bottomless from bottom of the mind …  Remove literary, grammatical and syntactical inhibition … ..  Dont think of words when you stop but to see picture better …  Keep track of every day the date emblazoned in yr morning … Write for the world to read and see yr exact pictures of it

So, I’m playing along.

1. it takes me a few hours too many to write one simple blog post

2.  a camera enthusiast lives with me – it took me a long time to realize, that the aforementioned is not the same as being an enthusiastic photographer (although they look-alike)

3. i’ve tried  numerous menu-planning ideas – to no avail – throughout any given afternoon my mind wanders through the contents of the cookbooks on the shelves, the contents in the pantry, and the forgotten perishables in the fridge – a meal is then created – sometimes never repeated – not because of a lack of interest, appeal or taste (normally quite the contrary) but of a mind that wanders, every afternoon

4. because of the latter thought this blog might benefit from the safe keeping of any such found culinary treasures

5. at this precise moment the vegetable garden provides a feast of spinach for all the kwêvoëls

6. my favorite drinks are wine, coffee, water, tea – one can argue that the words are placed in descending order

7. there’s a smell of burning leaves and grass in the air – it’s the start of a dry grey winter season – i close the doors and windows

8.  i wanted to marry a farmer or a pastor – i married a scientist who believes that life is too short to always be serious – even though i continue to function as the serious variable in the equation

9. at any time throughout a given season one might find an average of 25 clothing items in my wardrobe – i believe there are more balls of wool in my handicraft basket – and i’m not a knitter

10. the smell of burning leaves and grass is getting stronger …  i see the scientist – just arrived from work – with hose in hand: the smell of burning leaves and grass is real and present: a smouldering compost heap in our backyard …  an hour later it rained – the weather doesn’t do rain this time of the year – i pray a not so softly  ‘thank you’


Anybody else care to play along?



3 thoughts on “ten random things

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  2. I. Me too. 2, You’ve also described my Dad there. His attic is stuffed with cameras from every era. 8. I wanted to marry a farmer or a vet but instead I’m hitched to an engineer who became a systems analyst.

    Loved this list – especially that you’ve quoted Jack Kerouac.

    Thank you for the link back to knitsofacto 🙂

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