Koffie en beskuit


Adam and Eve, birds and bees, fish and chips, huffing and puffing, Tweedledee and Tweedledum …

When you read these word pairs, dear reader – do you, if only fleetingly, muse about some happening in the past? Learned folk tell we can trust our emotional memory – our thoughts disturb and trigger emotions just as our emotions disturb and trigger thoughts.

Koffie en beskuit survives as such a pair of words. And, despite being settled in one of the cupboards in my life, it itches to take emotions and thoughts out of mothballs. Yet, the pair presents a slight challenge – that of translation. Once translated it will satisfy thoughts, but it will disappoint emotions. Translation might leave further writing high and dry…

… but I intend to conclude with a bit of give and take:

Koffie… coffee – need I say more? Beskuit…  rusks – twice-baked pieces of dough – I need say more.

Koffie en beskuit is a traditional Afrikaner breakfast snack – dunking the rusk in the coffee is the way to do it. I don’t like soggy bites floating in my coffee, so I stick to the more civilized alternation. Most families own an ouma’s recipe – baking a sweet dough, breaking it into bites, ending with a slow dry in the oven. The snack originated as a way of preserving bread.

To savor and serve I link two recipes – a simple buttermilk rusk and a bran and buttermilk rusk that lifts the simple to another level.

And you, dear reader, do you care to share if a favorite pair of words, or a favorite pair of snacks takes emotions and thoughts out of some hidden mothballs?





3 thoughts on “Koffie en beskuit

  1. Sop en vetkoek (koue wintersaande)
    Bovril / Marmite op roosterbrood (in tye van siekte)
    Marmelade op roosterbrood (elke ogend) – om maar net n paar te noem.

  2. I am fascinated by the huge variety of everyday meals and snacks found around the world! Here we would be much more likely to enjoy ‘tea and biscuits’ and ‘coffee and cake’. But it is ‘bread and cheese’ that holds most meaning for me, it is what my grandmother Eva always fed us when we visited for the afternoon.

    • …a variety…with so much in common…bread and cheese (my every day lunch)…
      and now this grandma gives the littlest bread and cheese when he visits…

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