I sit here in silence writing this small volume of words, and it seems to me the most public thing I ever have done.

– Richard Rodriquez

Five years ago I met WordPress. I wanted to do this public thing – public. Early this month I read Terry Tempest William’s essay “Why I Write.” Yesterday I read this post. And now, I only have today.

I write to pen down thoughts. I write to set free thoughts… I write to meet myself. I write to meet other selves… I write the whispering voices’ stories. I write to still the loud voices … I write because I’m afraid if I keep all bottled up some will explode. I write to keep explosives hidden… I write to find out what it is to write.

And, this public thing I’m doing now…  I’m doing – hoping to find resonance.


4 thoughts on “writingnotwriting

    • …even for the cowboy story writer? 😉 …
      i did this exercise to find out why i write…and does “i write to meet myself” contain the others? i think it might…

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