It’s not too sweet


or is it just my imagination?

Not many weeks ago I wrote that it might help me to keep stock of culinary treasures – of some good food finds. In my search for a synonym for culinary (I searched for a word with less than four syllables), I came across (another four syllable word) comestible. It’s a rare word for edible. I understood the impact of stretching the use of multisyllabic words – heartburn is galling.

A pick-me-up treasure – and I promise, no heartburn (if you ration yourself), is Gordon Ramsay’s chocolate fridge cake. And, to stay true to my nature I swopped only one ingredient: cashew nuts replaced salted peanuts. Previous posts tell similar stories of swopping ingredients. However, rereading the posts tells me that they’re in dire need of editing.

Now, to find a good synonym for the four syllable word imagination…


4 thoughts on “It’s not too sweet

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