the (not so) simple life


a simple home-made cheese – paneer


Could we be more careful and aware of the world and ourselves, we would without a doubt find that we live in a holy environment, and that the meaning of our lives can be found and experienced exactly where we are.

~ Gunilla Norris

Living simply – a tag for a few scroll-down writings. A simple tag nagging jumbled thoughts to take a (not so) simple stance.

My father’s father was a subsistence farmer; his livelihood – growing food for the family; his lifestyle – simple, limited, and wanting(?) His living happened not by choice and not by a love for farming; but it happened by need and by a great suffering. His life happened because of a great love for his family.

Today, some of me, or is it all of me? needs his simple, limited and wanting-needs lifestyle. Today, self-sufficiency – a word describing his life, sets a world-wide trend. And today, for me, to just think about new ways of living is not enough. I must want. I must love. I must choose. I choose to live myself into new ways of thinking.

The tagging is easy, the living is not.



4 thoughts on “the (not so) simple life

  1. To tread gently on this earth, to live simply, to want little because little is all I truly need … I crave this too. But my life is enmeshed with so many other unheeding lives that finding a path to it is truly hard. Good luck on your journey my friend.

  2. ” living simply ” – is an art , a skill that blossoms and grows with practice. I too need and want and practice this simple,natural life.

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