Of writing #1

DSC_0062wp heart

Others form man; I only report him: and represent a particular one, ill fashioned enough, and whom, if I had to model him anew, I should certainly make something else than what he is but that’s past recalling.

~ Michel de Montaigne, Of Repentance

Again and again, Dinty W. Moore‘s writing exercises spur me to fill my paper with the breathings of my heart – to quote William Wordsworth. The words that follow, two exercises – one, to translate the above paragraph in today’s common speech, and the other – to write a contemplative essay, attempt to breathe the beatings of one heart.

Most people are other people – did Oscar Wilde read Montaigne? I portray a prim and grim personality: me, myself and I. Does this ill-shaped three-in-one being tell my mind that I need to be different from how I actually am?  And now my ego believes it is her role to fix this self-spirited-soul! Is it then past hope to live my life from essence?

 This attempt might take a life – a life time.

die skaam is opgehoop

en het op gehou


maar die hoop beskaam nie


your thought is a gift

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