a post with no name

As not even I will be keen to read a post titled Blancmange.


A sweet dessert I learned to make in the beginning of my high school years – in the home economics class. Was it our first lesson in making puddings? Memory misses some moments, but does remember the inner excitement and the outer control. And it does remember the pudding: a white and wobbly jelly – bland and tasteless.

Did the undissolved maizena and thick milk skin upset young and tender taste buds, and just maybe, nipped a budding chef? Or was it the benumbed lesson, must-be-ironed aprons, and curbed atmosphere in the kitchen?

A drill, I then decided, never to repeat.


Browsing through a favorite recipe book nearly 40 years later, Muhallabieh caught my eyes: the dish’s name, an exotic sound on my ears; its history, as old as the Middle Ages. As I read the list of ingredients, a memory band tightened and brought back – yes – visions of a white and wobbly, bland and tasteless jelly.

With a mind stuck in the past, my eyes continued in the present…

…we must admit, a milk pudding doesn’t sound promising at all. Imagination doesn’t work here, you just need to try it…

Against all odds, I followed the authors’ advice.

I was gratified.

If you’re looking for a sweet dessert to make in a few short minutes (setting time is 3 hours … during which time you too can set), this whitedish is for you.


Dear reader, do you have a similar story to tell?




4 thoughts on “a post with no name

  1. Love your post- and photograph. This dessert is lightyears removed from the home economics rendition- which incidentally, I too remember. Can you remember the “‘rotskoekies”? They still give me nightmares! Too stiff dough, studded with raisins- and no real flavour that I can, or want to remember. Those were the days. Happy to be in the present!

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