Cut side up or cut side down


Every so often I worry about … things like …  the tomatoes should be placed cut side up … I’m supposed to know how things should be done. 

More often than not I change the way toilet paper rolls … and not only in our house … Right is right and wrong is wrong, and there are no exceptions … and whether you agree (over) or disagree (under) … just google the matter.

And then there are those cringing moments when I open the spice cupboard to see (only) half of the spices lined up from A to Z – visibly judging (me) from their vantage point. It is then that I try to tell myself that I found some insight in the midst of a there’s a sensible way of handling everything re-shuffling flurry or, that I came to my senses accepting that not everybody is as concerned about alphabetically arranged spice bottles as I am.

But the truth is – I ran out of cupboard space.

However, the thoughts in italics tell another truth – that of a woman on a mission trying to reduce the disorder she sees in her life …  and the need to boldface the truth.

But, it is with calmness and integrity that I write this post. I know how things should be, must be need to just be done.

Now, dear reader – if you’ve survived the laying bare of the awareness …

… the photo shows oven roasted tomatoes – a recipe from Diana Henry – a newly met and already favored cookbook author.


A polite post script question: are you an advocate for “under”, for “over”, or are you just not “bothered?”





4 thoughts on “Cut side up or cut side down

  1. i love your brave truth baring, and i think it gets at the truth that all of us have italicized thoughts that war with bold-faced thoughts, as we are — if we’re blessed — ever works in progress…

    i have no preference, believe it or not, on over or under….but i’m pretty sure i’d want my tomatoes rump up, as you show…..

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