In my kitchen this December


This middle of the day needs the burning of candles – but today the candles burn on one side only, out of necessity. Summer storm clouds draw curtains across the window, and light divides shadows …an acedia of sorts threatens to rise out of its slumber. The light on the candle burns heavily to invite, to incline – a heart, hands and feet …

But the kitchen is hushed in the middle of this day’s afternoon … the light of the candles will have to guide evening darkness, out of another necessity – load shedding. And no, it doesn’t mean getting rid of extra weight, or losing winter hair (although many of us are pulling out hair) – just that every household in our country is on the receiving end of a deliberate shutdown of electric power. The demand exceeds the supply. 

The words I’m typing are battery charged and fueled by the atmosphere of candle light. Some say that acceptance is a vital practice for transformation. The slowness of the candle flame continues to invite, to incline – this heart.

May I link with Annie, Anne and Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial – as the days of December bring back memories of  summer days at the beach – sunburn, ice cream and the smell of body on tap shampoo. Memories of young hands helping ouma moedie mixing and kneading boerebrood and vetkoek – and young eyes watching the tins and tins of dough rising almost with a holy silence – safe under their muslin cloths.

Memories calling for remembrance.

Today in this kitchen: a fragrant lemon tonic waiting to be bottled, a whistling kettle announcing a cup of tea, and a slice of panforte hinting at a taste of chili and chocolate … and in the background the kitchen clock’s ticktock, the thunder rolling, and the quiet of a city shedding its load …


Dear reader, I invite you to enjoy some photos of similar happenings at donnaincucina – you’ll find a feast for your eyes! And no, it’s not my photos, but photos of someone dear and near to me.





12 thoughts on “In my kitchen this December

    • thank you for visiting and leaving a footprint … every so often i receive a gift of panforte – and this year i decided to reverse the roles…a worthwhile baking experience – looking forward to read about your life in the galley….!

  1. Dankie sus. Baie mooi beskryf. Ek was saam met jou in jou kombuis .Lief die woord ‘acedia’ – wat ek ook moes gaan opsoek. Langsaam uitgespreek beskryf dit nogal die toestand. Hou van jou foto!

  2. so so delicious. i love how you’ve taken the necessity of enforced power shortage and turned it into poetry. and your panforte made my tummy growl…..

    i love the new word (new to me, i mean): acedia. i will go look it up. sending words from one spot on the globe to another is a purely heavenly endeavor….

    • always a blessing to read your words, Barbara, thank you….Kathleen Norris wrote ‘Acedia & Me A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer’s Life..’ – a book i found intriguing…

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