This kitchen’s January

is for pickling, fermenting and preserving


purging, freshening and perseverance.


preserved lemons

preserved lemons


In mid-stride of making some soft cheeses – labneh, cream cheese, and ricotta – as well as refreshing the yogurt, buttermilk, and sourdough cultures – my insatiable appetite for learning connected dots to the process of fermenting vegetables. On the shelf two bottles of carrots bubble an entrance into this lost art of food preserving. With zest and gusto I entered this January’s kitchen.


harissa and a spice mixture for pickling

harissa and a spice mixture for pickling


And then, for no reason, the cook’s scientist partner decided to upgrade his knowledge on high carbohydrate foods. Storms of talks were cooked up – not only in the kitchen. Admitting the aforesaid insatiable appetite, I relented and read and read, for hours. A verve followed: to purge the pantry, to freshen the vegetable drawer, to change cooking and eating habits …

… and, yes, I’ll need perseverance, or you’ll have to bottle me up, with zest and gusto – for good keeps…



Linking with Celia for January’s In My Kitchen (I”m a bit late for the linking, but the writing occurred…)






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